Open Access for Hong Kong

The time for action is now. Research & intellectual output funded by the Hong Kong people should be freely shared with the Hong Kong people. The HKOAC seeks to promote the concept, the reasons for, and the practice of OA in all Hong Kong academic, governmental and philanthropic institutions.

Objectives of HKOAC

  • That all research and intellectual output produced in Hong Kong on a non-commercial basis be placed in Open Access. This includes such items produced at or by,
    - all HK University Grants Committee (UGC) funded institutions
    - all HK Education Bureau (EDB) governed institutions
    - all organs of the HK Government (GovHK)
    - all researchers receiving funding from the HK Jockey Club, the Croucher Foundation, etc
  • That research and intellectual output funded by the Hong Kong taxpayer be freely available in Open Access to these taxpayers, to China and to global communities
  • That HK research and intellectual output be quickly disseminated as broadly as possible, that it might seed further enquiry and discovery
  • That institutional repositories be provided for the above institutions, to collect, preserve in perpetuity and provide open access on their items of research and intellectual output
  • That all Hong Kong research funders and institutions adopt policies requiring their funded researchers to deposit some version of their research output in OA institutional repositories; similar to OA policies held at the National Institute of Health(US), the European Research Council, Harvard University, the University of Stirling, and at the Queensland University of Technology
"Open Access of our research outcomes is a must as a scientist, and researcher. It will make our research outcomes accessible by the public who funded them in the first instance."
Prof. Tsoi Ah-chung
Chair, HKOA Committee
Vice-President for Research, The Baptist University of Hong Kong